Future Center

“Future Centre” is an emerging movement: the first of such centres in the world, The “Skandia Future Centre”, was founded by Leif Edvinsson www.open-futures.net/page25.php when he was IC Director for Skandia in the mid-1990s. Since then the concept proved out by Skandia has been implanted in many world locations with success.

As one example, recently the Dutch Government started five Future Centres for the Public Sector as units under various ministries of the national government of The Netherlands. The five centres are:

The Country House (Het Buitenhuis), a facility ‘for creative and innovative work in national government’ a joint venture of four ministries: Economic Affairs, The Interior, Finance, and Housing, Spatial Planning & the Environment.

  • Mobilion, a Future Center prototype at the Department of Public Works & Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat).
  • Future Center ‘The Shipyard’ (De Werf), at the Tax & Customs Administration.
  • Castle Groeneveld, National Center for Forests, Nature and Landscape, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality
  • Academy SZW, part of the Ministry of Social Affairs & Employment (SZW).

The Future Centre Alliance http://summit.futurecentres.com/history/ acts as a focus for future centres from around the world.